Bryan Station 2019
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FINAL Schedule
Unit NamePerformance Time
Welcome 10:00 AM
Percussion Scholastic Concert A  
Louisville Male Percussion Ensemble 10:05 AM
Elizabethtown Concert Percussion Ensemble 10:14 AM
Highlands Concert Percussion 10:23 AM
Bryan Station Indoor Concert Percussion 10:32 AM
Heritage Hills Concert Percussion 10:41 AM
Class Change 10:50 AM
Percussion Scholastic Concert Open  
West Union Steel Drum Ensemble 10:55 AM
Percussion Scholastic B  
Henryville Drumline 11:05 AM
Class Change 11:13 AM
Percussion Scholastic A-2  
Mount Vernon Winter Drumline 11:16 AM
Class Change 11:25 AM
Percussion Independent Open  
Triple Crown 11:30 AM
Class Change 11:40 AM
Scholastic A Winds  
Hart County High School Winds 11:43 AM
John Hardin High School Winds 11:52 AM
McCreary Central Indoor Winds 12:01 PM
Tabulation of Scores 12:10 PM
Awards - Captains Only 12:20 PM
Welcome 12:50 PM
Hart County Middle 12:55 PM
Dunbar Juniors 01:02 PM
Kings Juniors 01:09 PM
Class Change 01:16 PM
Scholastic Regional A-2  
Red Division 01:20 PM
Cumberland County Winterguard 01:20 PM
Harlan High School Winter Guard 01:27 PM
Russell Independent Varsity Winterguard 01:34 PM
Pulaski County Maroon Winter Guard 01:41 PM
Highlands JV Winterguard 01:48 PM
Eastern HS Winterguard (IN) 01:55 PM
Heritage Hills HS Winter Guard 02:02 PM
Bellevue Winter Guard 02:09 PM
North Harrison Winter Guard 02:16 PM
Break 02:23 PM
Yellow Division 02:30 PM
Norwood Winterguard 02:30 PM
Elizabethtown Junior Varsity 02:37 PM
Mount Vernon JV Winterguard 02:44 PM
Lafayette Junior Winter Guard 02:51 PM
West Union Winter Guard 02:58 PM
duPont Manual High School Winter Guard 03:05 PM
North Bullitt High School 03:12 PM
Ripley High School Viking Guard 03:19 PM
Class Change 03:26 PM
Scholastic Regional A  
Red Division 03:40 PM
John Hardin HS 03:40 PM
Hart County High School 03:47 PM
Montgomery Co HS Winter Guard 03:54 PM
Mount Vernon High School Winterguard 04:01 PM
Anderson Co Winterguard 04:08 PM
Eastern High School Jr.Varsity 04:15 PM
Washington Co High School Winter Guard 04:22 PM
Woodford Co Winterguard 04:29 PM
Break 04:36 PM
Yellow Division 04:43 PM
Ballard Colorguard 04:43 PM
Highlands Varsity Winter Guard 04:50 PM
Silver Creek High School Winter Guard 04:57 PM
Madison Central Junior Varsity 05:04 PM
Henryville Golden Winter Guard 05:11 PM
Bullitt East HS Winterguard 05:18 PM
Madison Southern Orange Winter Guard 05:25 PM
Tabulation of Scores 05:32 PM
Awards - Captains Only 05:42 PM
Welcome 06:42 PM
Scholastic A-2  
Red Division 06:47 PM
Butler Traditional High School Winterguard 06:47 PM
Jeffersonville HS Winter Guard 06:55 PM
Meade County Winter Guard 07:03 PM
Madison Central Winter Guard 07:11 PM
Beechwood 07:19 PM
Break 07:27 PM
Yellow Division 07:35 PM
Elizabethtown HS 07:35 PM
George Rogers Clark Colorguard 07:43 PM
Louisville Male High School Winter Guard 07:51 PM
Larry A. Ryle High School 07:59 PM
Tates Creek Winterguard 08:07 PM
Class Change 08:15 PM
Scholastic A  
Lafayette Winter Guard 08:31 PM
Eastern High School 08:39 PM
Kings HS 08:47 PM
Class Change 08:55 PM
Independent A  
Black Diamond Independent 08:59 PM
VerVe 09:07 PM
Class Change 09:15 PM
Scholastic World  
Warren Central Winterguard 09:19 PM
Independent World  
Lexis 09:29 PM
Tabulation of Scores 09:39 PM
Awards - Captains Only 09:49 PM
End 10:19 PM

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